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Why You Should Take a 30-Minute Walk Every Single Day

There is a good chance that going on a 30-minute walk every single day will keep the doctor away. Going for a walk is one of the best things that you can do for your health because you can enjoy the environment while exercising.  This type of good green moving is an excellent way to improve not just your physical health, but mental, emotional and spiritual as well.

Besides helping you de-stress and lose weight, this activity can also lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of a whole lot of chronic diseases.  Walking is a fun easy-to-do activity that requires nothing but a pair of shoes, and on top of that, it has tremendous health benefits. And now, here is why you should take a 30-minute walk every single day!

Improved Mood

Walking is a sugar-free activity that can make you feel better in less than 60 minutes. Seriously, what’s there not to love about this fun activity? Going for a walk on a regular basis can actually modify your nervous system in such a way that you begin to experience a significant decrease in hostility and anger. Also, when you go for a walk with your relative, friend, neighbor, or partner, you begin to feel more connected to one another. This is something that can result in improved mood in both you and your companion, and on top of that, walking outdoors is an activity that exposes you to natural sunlight, which is always good for your physical well-being.

Improved Digestion

If you think that coffee is what’s keeping your digestive system going strong day in and day out, you better get ready to start paying a bit more attention to your morning walk sessions instead. The reason why you should do this is because a regular walking routine can significantly improve your gastric mobility. Basically, a regular walking routine can keep your digestive system in one piece.

Your Legs Will Look Great

As we get older, our risk of unsightly varicose veins increases, which doesn’t bode well with some people. However, there is a way to prevent something like this from happening to you. By walking, you prevent those unsightly lines from developing, which automatically means that you keep your legs in good shape. But what if you are already suffering from unsightly varicose veins? If this is the case, there is no reason to worry, because the solution is actually very simple. Going for a walk on a regular basis can make the feeling of restlessness in your legs go away.

Four Important Mental Health Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

You probably already know that dogs are considered to be our best friends, right? But did you know that cats are our worthy companions too? Yes, you read that right! When it comes to helping people with mental illness, cats can be just as good as dogs, and on top of that, they are actually a much better choice when it comes to helping those with poor social skills, communication issues, anxiety, or pretty much any other struggle that is related to mental illness. While it is true that dogs will handle just about anything that you throw at them, cats are usually much less tolerant, which automatically makes them a much better therapy tool for people suffering from some sort of mental illness.

Did you know that cats are very sensitive to tension and shouting? Because of that, watching their behavior in tense situations can help people control their emotional responses when facing similar situations. For example, if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, or even if you are married, one of your main goals should be to learn how to have such a quiet disagreement that your cat can actually sleep through it. If you raise your voice too much, your cat will react to the situation at hand, which means that you need to learn how to control yourself in tense situations. That being said, here are four important mental health benefits of being a cat owner!

Released Oxytocin in Your Brain

Spending time with your cat can help release oxytocin in your brain. What is oxytocin? Oxytocin is a chemical that is often referred to as the cuddle chemical, and sometimes as the love hormone. Two activities that can help release a feel-good hormone in our bodies are cuddling and hugging. It is safe to say that petting a cat has the same effect. Oxytocin is a chemical that can make you feel calm and relaxed, and it can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Interacting With Those Around You

Just like we already said a couple of seconds ago, cats are very sensitive to tension and shouting. What this means is that they can teach you how to interact with those around you without ever raising your voice too much. Although this can make you a decent neighbor, it can also make you feel better.

Cats Can Fulfill Your Need To Be Touched

We all have the need to be touched, don’t we? This is especially the case with those who are dealing with some sort of mental illness. Petting a cat can fulfill that exact need in a safe way.